Local Dog Walker

I would like to introduce you to your local dog walker in your area.

If you own a Terrier who needs someone to help with the walking or day stay or looking for a short stay then I can highly recommend Banjo Camp Terrier Ltd This is based in Eastbourne and is for people in Eastbourne with Terriers.  For more information please see Banjo Camp Terrier Ltd 


Audio Books


When as a child we used to love having our parents read to us, then this is the ultimate way of listening to our favourite and new stories.  I am amazed just how much has changed since I was a child.  The TV was a new thing to watch and short periods of the day – not like today 24/7 any time any where from world wide services.  NOw with this way of hearing books, it is a wonderful way.  I am pleased to have discovered it.  As reading is always a challenge when you have busy lives, this for me is a bonus.

Give is a try and see what books are listed from your favourite authors. 

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I have been looking into learning more about how to best use my blogs for promoting.  This has been a great resource of mine.

I am not the best blogger in the world.  I would like to learn more how to become a successful blogger using tools and knowledge from others who have already learned how to make the most of their skills.

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