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Due to lack of interest

Because I have been doing some housekeeping on my website due to so much lack of interest in a lot of my products I have now decided to cut down on my promotional materials.

You will notice that several pages have been removed and also my blog postings too.

Especially I have cut out my American Marketing products.

I will however continue to promote the Evolutionary Film Company and also my UK based products.  There are still some products which are based in America that will still be promoted, however these are independent from the Marketing company I had been working with.

I hope to see more interest developing in the products I am marketing for my UK products.

As a keen crafter you will still find on my http://www.suecarolinescreativecrafts.com a wide range of products available to buy and browse.

I hope that now I have done some housekeeping I shall start to see some difference in my networks.





Hooking up to watermains for caravans

I am looking to get my caravan sorted and this is something I think is ideal for what I am wanting to do.  Living in a caravan is really lovely for me, not much housework and gives me time to do other stuff.

However, getting the caravan organised to live in is a different matter, there are many things to consider.  Such as how do I get the caravan to maintain good water connections without having to constantly be filling up the barrels each day, sometime twice a day, especially when it is cold and wet outside.

I have been looking around for some solutions and these are so far what I have found.

Whale Aqua Source Mains Water Hook Up – Blue

Whale Aqua Source Extension Hose – Blue, 7.5 m

Whale Aquasource Service Water Tower Adaptor

Caravan autofill Mains Water adaptor for AQUAROLL AND SUPERPITCH fast postage lz

    I am looking at this one in particular for my solution.  i have just bought this one as it looks like the most practical one for my solution.

Caravan Mains Water Container & Adapter & 10m food grade hose

Whale Aquasource Caravan Mains Water Connection

Caravan universal FLAT HOSE KIT 7.5 metres autofill Mains Water adaptor for AQUAROLL AND SUPERPITCH fast postage lz

universal mains water adaptor for caravans

Latest Film launched from Evolutionary Films

Cain Hill

Famous for many unexplained disappearances, a team of documentary filmmakers aim to capture the truth behind the famous Cain Hill Asylum.


Gemma Atkinson, Michael Parr, Hannah Jacobs

Great British horror with plenty of atmosphere.

Great low budget British horror, tense and scary. Some really humorous moments too.

Weddings, bottom draws

I just wonder how many young women would love to have a great piece of art to show-off on their brand new tables to their family and guests when they get married.

Looking at the great range of just delightful pieces of china, just makes me go all goose-bumpy as I really have a passion for the Old Country Rose collection and I do have several pieces I have collected over the years.  Not just the china plates but ornaments and serving platters too.  There is such a lot of beautifully crafted and painted designs to choose from.  Have a look for yourself  and see what I mean, perhaps you have a friend who would really appreciate the delicate work of some of the china.  Or even go for some really different styles.

Buying a special piece for your bottom draw to have for your own home when you get married to share with your new husband and as you grow together and choose to buy more of the same it would be a delight.

My mother collected thimbles from all over the place and had them on show.  I also know and seen her collection of the Country Rose Collection in her house.  It is interesting how some people love the same style.

Have a great day.

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