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Swagbucks is the fun rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online!


Affiliate Marketing

I became an affiliate promoter a few years ago and although it may seem like a simple thing to do it is not so easy to attract people to your products as you may think.

There are some things I have learned along the way.

Firstly using the products you are interested in is a vital component to making your own blog stand out.  I have had no formal training and am learning as I go along.

However, as I love my dogs and look for products that could be of benefit to them and their friends I have chosen to promote the following

I also try to find places that may be helpful which are dog friendly.  Hence I have opted to promote

As one who also enjoy travelling around Europe and have got plans to go to Norway next year I have also looked at booking cruises for myself.  So with that in mind I have chosen to promote

For more information on where to get your own resources for your blog may I recommend you join me here

Fancy a brew

Here I am again promoting one of my most favourite Crockery in the world.

For me Old Country Rose is about the most precious china I have in my possession.

Yours could be something completely different.

There is such a wide variety of great designers which makes it hard to select just one to share, I am sure on looking at the Royal Albert you will agree there such a wide and wonderful selection.

Now for the brew that makes the tea the best drink in the world – only Twinings makes it for me.

Here we can find fine china for your favourite brew.


Getting the best deals in town.


My little trips

Frequently I visit the local Hobbycraft store in Eastbourne, they are really friendly and helpful.

I love to browse and shop at Hobbycraft both online and in the store.  Sometimes what you cant find in store you will find online.

Tomorrow I shall be looking for some Turquoise buttons to finish of a cardigan I have made,

613215_1002_1_170 I think these will do very nicely on my sweater.



Looking for value for your money

It has been a while since I went to this site, however looking at the great quality of their products, which I have had the good fortune to buy in the past and am always pleased with what I buy from them.  I know some would say fuddy duddy but have you looked at their recent styles, and fashion designers.

I think it is great value for money


UPcycling, renovating, restoring

Nothing that we really throw away is useless, unless of course packaging from food.  I have had the good fortune this summer to spend time on some of the local Carboots here in Pevensey Bay, I have been amazed at what people are recycling and sharing with others, for the products to have a new life with someone else who needs it at that particular time.

We all have things in our cupboards and garages which could be sold or given to someone who needs it more that we do.  So why not have a good look round and see what you have that you do not really need or use any more.  Why keep it hoarded up in your attic or garage or even spare bedroom when it could be used by someone else.


Looking at my garden

Even though I live in Spain it is always great to be able to buy the seeds and plants direct from Thompson and Morgans.

Fruit Trees from Thompson & Morgan – Quality Trees, large range, special offers, apple, plum, fig, citrus, great value

In my garden in Tulipanes in Spain I have a lovely big Lemon Tree, with a Pear and Orange and also some thornless black berries.  What do you have in your garden that you enjoy eating.  It is fun to watch the flowers turn into fruit and know that you are going to enjoy the fruit at the season they are ready to eat.

Having been diagnosed as prediabetic it is definitely making me look more closely at what I eat, without going over the top.



For our little ones

Its been a while since I promoted this company due to some body hacking my email address and thus rendered it impossible to share with you some great products.

I shall however be working through my list of companies and seeing what new ideas and products they have for us to share.



Meet the celebs. Red Carpet Premiers.

Do you enjoy the movies?

Would you like to get involved in the Movie industry?

Be invited to the Premiers of new movies?

Become a walk on extra for a movie!

Here is how contact the Executive Producer and he will fill in how you can become involved with a young British Film Company which is starting to go places.  It has been very popular at the Film Festivals of the past year and is growing all the time.

With so much to offer as a great business opportunity as well, I am sure that once you have discovered for yourself the pleasure and joy of watching something being developed and then brought to fruition on the screen you will be glad you had a hand in it.

I believe it is a good opportunity if you love films and are interested in how it is all brought together. The film –  The Aviator –  is the story about Howard Hughes and his vision and dreams – how he went on to develop his visions because he was able to invest in his own dreams.  Being apart of something that will offer you great returns and meeting so many interesting people.    Join Us at Evolutionary Films,

Look at their recent releases.

Films you could help with the development



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