Marketing on the Internet

I have been asking myself how to improve my marketing strategies and been browsing to find some information to help me build up my knowledge base to help me become more successful at marketing the products I already do and also enhance my skills for my own earning potential.

Helping others is what I do best.  Finding and sourcing materials and people to match them together to help promote and bring about rewarding relationships so that everybody then has the opportunity to grow and develop their businesses.

I know I have many friends who struggle with even the basic steps of bringing their products to the internet.  I hope in some small way I may be able to help them find solutions and encourage them the best I can.

I do believe that Networking with live people face to face also is a great way to learn and grow.  I have connections worldwide who frequently look and read my blogs.  I know that they do not all buy from my site but at least I am showing them potential helpful information to help them grow their businesses.

Unlimited access to great music

Looking for great gift ideas made from by hand.

Have you seen the great offers on Prime with Amazon


There is so much to learn on how to sell on Amazon when you are newbie to affiliate marketing or even selling your own products.  I have just done some research tonight regarding HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON      I hope you will find it useful.

I know I have friends who are struggling to find ways to promote their own products and as  a creative person myself I have decided to look at the different options to make sure I am following a productive path.

Promoting Films for

As a promoter of film company, I decided to check out their library of films and see whether I could promote their films directly.  I found them on Amazon which was nice for me as a keen affiliate marketer.

A Whodunnit Film For The Whole Family!

who killed nelson nutmeg

Four intrepid friends go on what they think will be a normal summer camp holiday, but the plot thickens when the camp mascot, Nelson Nutmeg, mysteriously disappears. They soon begin to suspect that the furry mascot might have been murdered! But this is only part of a wider mystery and the kids have the adventure of their lives trying to find out Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

Interesting movie.

As a promoter of film company, I decided to check out their library of films and see whether I could promote their films directly.  I found them on Amazon which was nice for me as a keen affiliate marketer.

I was once married to a punk rock musician – very different lifestyle.  Unfortunately the marriage did not last as there were way too many issues for me to contend with.  It is a hard life overall, with the personality issues and choices that people make to relieve their frustrations and anger in some cases.  Being a good musician is one thing being great and learning to live with the fame and pain of the world of disappointment to knock backs for the bands and then struggling to keep the music unique.  that was a real challenge for my punk rock man.  Sadly no longer with us.  He was talented but could never seem to get it together with the the right combination.

This film spoke volumes to me.




Featuring Dean S. Jagger, star of GAME OF THRONES.

The Paddy Lincoln Gang are a smoking hot Los Angeles rock band on the verge of huge success. But their complex and troubled Irish lead singer, Rob McAlister, is haunted by his own paranoia and suspicions that something is not right with the band, his manager, or his sexy girlfriend. After the band causes havoc at the home of their record label chairman, placing their whole future in jeopardy, Rob is forced to confront his demons. But if The Paddy Lincoln Gang implodes, the results will be more shocking than anyone could imagine.

The Paddy Lincoln Gang

I watched the trailer.

As a promoter of film company, I decided to check out their library of films and see whether I could promote their films directly. I found them on Amazon which was nice for me as a keen affiliate marketer.




Never underestimate a bunch of cowboys! A modernisation of the classic western in which the Cowboys are a local amateur soccer team, the Indians run a nearby Tandoori restaurant, and the Bandits are a group of menacing thugs led by a maniac known simply as American Bob.

From the creator of TRAINSPOTTING and FILTH, Irvine Welsh, featuring Sean Pertwee, star of GOTHAM and Hollywood legend Robert Vaughn.

The Magnificent Eleven [DVD] [2014] [NTSC]

Its a bit like American Pie

As a promoter of film company, I decided to check out their library of films and see whether I could promote their films directly. I found them on Amazon which was nice for me as a keen affiliate marketer.


From the creator of ADULTHOOD, 4,3,2,1 and THE ANOMALY, BAFTA Winner, Noel Clarke, featuring Screen International 2013 “Star of Tomorrow”, Franz Drameh, star of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

Five teenagers throw the ultimate party as revenge on a local nightclub that refuses them entry.

Legacy [DVD]

Great documentary, love the storyline

As a promoter of film company, I decided to check out their library of films and see whether I could promote their films directly. I found them on Amazon which was nice for me as a keen affiliate marketer.


A fascinating tale of two remarkable men narrated by John Rhys-Davies.
The incredible story of George Daniels’ rise from Dickensian poverty to became the world’s greatest living watchmaker and the one man who, through relentless tenacity, would become accepted as his one and only apprentice: Roger W. Smith.
This film is a testimony to their extraordinary craft, touching relationship and unique personalities. A compelling insight into what makes the rarest mechanical artists tick.
The Watchmaker’s Apprentice [DVD]

Discovering Evolutionary Films

When you are sitting watching a film or documentary on Tv or on the Big Screen, have you ever considered how these beautiful pieces of art are put together.

What the people saw as their vision to put a documentary on about wildlife for example, the hours of research and sitting and patiently waiting for just the right shot for the camera.  Would you like to get involved with something amazing which is both fun and educational.

Evolutionary Films is a British Film Company who are developing projects on real life events and people who did everyday things but at the time were extraordinary – women involved in helping the UK in WW2 – not just the land girls on the farms or the girls in the factories making the ammunition and parts for the war effort.  The other unsung heroines of the day who were involved in the Lumberjacks getting wood ready for buildings, bridges, and other amazing women involved in maintaining the country at a time of great need.  wow to me that is amazing.   Today’s hero’s and heroines, who are fighting on the frontline diverse places, and those in the background preparing the way for new opportunities.

Next time you watch a documentary or a film, think of how many people are actually involved in the production of something like that.  We just see the people on the screen, however there are many people who are working hard to make the productions come into effect.

Most of the time the people involved are putting their own hard earned money into the projects they believe in.  We see the end result.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved in the Evolutionary Film Company either as an investor or as someone with a story to tell then check out how you can get involved then contact Evolutionary films, at:

Their portfolio of films is really interesting click here 

Oceanus looks like a really interesting film.

Do you like the beatles you will love this. Get Back



Highly Recommended

Being a widow and overcoming so much since the death of my  second husband this book has been a real blessing to me this week.

Coming to terms with being Single and achieving a sense of peace about who I am and what I am and not having to worry about what others think of me has really helped me.

Knowing who I am as a new creature in the Messiah, understanding that it is not something to be ashamed of but rather celebrated. Whether you are married, single, divorced or separated, man or woman, this book is a real blessing.

I was 37 when I first got married – I really was not ready for it, nor was I really good at it. I and my first husband knew deep down we were not meant to marry yet we went ahead anyway to please others in a lot of ways.  We both agreed afterwards that it had been a big mistake – we were like light and dark – his views and mine never did match, we had different ideas about life and how to live.  We had been better off as just friends and eventually we would have drifted apart anyway.  We were only married a few short weeks and his own lifestyle caused a rift between us, he started staying out all night and not bothering to contact me.  showing up weeks later dirty smelly and horrible.  Yet he had expected me to just take him back and continue on as if nothing was amiss.  Then he would disappear again for days on end – not bothering to get himself sorted – yet all the time I was paying all the bills and maintaining the home we shared – he took no responsibilities for our relationship – which did not exist at all after the first few weeks, yet because we had got married in church and I was bound to keep my vows I tried my best not to give up on him.  In the end I had to really accept the fact the he had voted with his feet that his lifestyle was the one he wanted and although he liked the idea of being married and having someone to care for him, he was indifferent to me and what was best for us.  He did not want a divorce but I said that he had already walked out on the marriage by going off and living with friends and his own lifestyle away from me.  So facing the reality of not even having him around I had to make a new life for myself.

I have always been able to live on my own and develop friendships with people and work so I just got up and started again.

Reading this book gave me a lot to think about and a lot of memories resurfaced and dealing with the feelings of the past was a really blessing.  Forgiving him for his ways, and also forgiving myself for not being able to be the “wife” he wanted – his true wife was and still. is the needle.  I hope and pray that one day he will find the way out of the lifestyle which keeps him bound in a place of servitude to heroin, methadone, speed and whatever drugs he may still be taking.  We watched a friend die when he was only 50 – my first husband is that age now.  I feel sad to think that I was unable to help him.  Even though I did not want to leave him I just had to for my own sake as well as his, there was no future in it when you are two different ways of life.  Always clashing and never feeling that you are really together.  I hope one day he will find the way out..