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One of the difficulties I have found is following people, however, I have today taken the time to listen to this., as a keen marketer I have always looked to find ways to help promote others to the best of my abilities, however I have not always been successful as I have not followed a successful plan, having listened today to Tom Parker on his experience in the marketplace, I have opted to learn from him how to become more successful, not only in choosing the right products but understanding my marketing methods.  So if you are interested in learning how to achieve more with your strategies and goals I recommend you learn from this.Click Here!

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Join the Campaign Save the Elephant

I have just read this article regarding saving the elephant.

I joined in my signing my name to it, I think it is disgusting that man considers it to be fun to wound kill and maim and leave baby elephants without their mothers, fathers to protect them.  As human beings we are a really challenging species.  It is one thing to hunt for food, but to kill for sport that is a different matter.

How would you feel if suddenly someone took it into their head to kill all red heads or blonds just because of the colour of their hair or have we not learnt anything from the wars that have been fought.  When will man learn – killing is not the way forward.  We are called to live in peace with our neighbour and respect the living creatures that share our planet.  No wonder there have been so many times when so called civilizations have been wiped out, humans are given chances time and again, yet we still persist in being worse than animals against our fellow travellers.

The Motorhome & Caravan Doctor

Eastbourne and surrounding areas have a great guy who can bring your caravan and motorhome back up to scratch, road worthy and in full working order.

Call Mark Redpath –

Mobile : 07983411867

Office:: 01323840478


I have used him regularly with my caravan, he is a very easy going guy and helpful.  He understands difficult problems with caravans and motorhomes.  I recommend him.


Tiny Living

I have a fascination with living in small spaces, in fact my living space is smaller than most of these.  My caravan is only 21′ in length the living space is about 18′ and I am always looking to readjust my living so that I can accommodate my lifestyle, which is marking and crafting.  So part of the day is spent on here producing ideas for others and the rest of my day is taken up with making things by knitting and sewing.  I also have two dogs to maintain and we have lots of long walks along the beaches and rivers locally to where I live in Pevensey Bay, UK, East Sussex.  I am also helping to create a network of Crafters in the local area, with a plan to have a our first real Craft Fare at the end of the summer.  Dates and times I shall be promoting on here and on my craft site., I also help promote other peoples charities and plan to help more as time goes by, hence the reason my blog is a marketing blog.

I got interested in the Tiny Living movement when I was in Spain and as I had always loved living outside, and my first home was a caravan, it gave me some great opportunities to discover more of what I really wanted in my own life.  So below is a selection of ideas for others to find out more about.

I did actually looking into container homes for me, but I would need to buy the land for that to happen, at the moment I am waiting to sell my  very nice three bed house in Spain, which is way too big for my needs now.





As a crafter these inspired me.



Caravan Ideas

  Love these
 This looks great
  Useful to clean my caravan, trying to find something small and compact this seems to fit the bill nicely.
 – hanging the above out of the way is a must – not got a lot of storage space in my caravan for any thing just put in a cupboard
 – great can use it as an upright on the floors, excellent piece of kit.

 – this could be useful for my phone, always looking for a good spot to plug it in.
Hand made
 I just loved this.
 – I just loved this sign,
 – need to replace my plastic mugs
 – just ideal for outside the door
 – perfect for my indoor step
 – ideal for my awning.
 – says it all
 – i have not finished yet – still got a long way to go.
 now this is a solution I am looking for.

 – ideal for my knives
 – love this.
 – need to get smaller pans than I have at the moment, these look more like it.


April Fun

I have been doing some research on my amazon account recently and have selected a few pages to share with you. As we are coming in April, I decided to do a posting just for April, my birthday is in April and spring is on its way.  So I thought what could I do to make my blog a bit more fun. to share what I am interested in.  Just for fun.  However I am sure there will be something for everyone to enjoy

For the pets in your life.April Specials

Sues Audiobook Collection  there is so much choice it is amazing.

April Baby – there is always fun to be had in choosing a gift for the new arrival.
April Beauty – we all need to feel we are worth taking care of, and even if we are unsure of products we can always ask for advice.
April Buys – clothing for all the family.  We all love to be made to feel special once in a while.  I love to look at the new ideas of fashion, however I am also a keen dressmaker and notice a lot of the time fashions do not really change that much.  However the new materials that people use today is much wider.

April Sports – I am an outdoorsy type person and love to walk along riversides and beaches. I have a passion for camping and live in caravan.



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