Marketing on the Internet

I have been asking myself how to improve my marketing strategies and been browsing to find some information to help me build up my knowledge base to help me become more successful at marketing the products I already do and also enhance my skills for my own earning potential.

Helping others is what I do best.  Finding and sourcing materials and people to match them together to help promote and bring about rewarding relationships so that everybody then has the opportunity to grow and develop their businesses.

I know I have many friends who struggle with even the basic steps of bringing their products to the internet.  I hope in some small way I may be able to help them find solutions and encourage them the best I can.

I do believe that Networking with live people face to face also is a great way to learn and grow.  I have connections worldwide who frequently look and read my blogs.  I know that they do not all buy from my site but at least I am showing them potential helpful information to help them grow their businesses.

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Looking for great gift ideas made from by hand.

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Service of submitting and registering owners/landlords with the Junta de Andalucía, Consejeria de Turismo y Deporte in Malaga




Here I am again after a long day helping build up a business with a friend and we are starting to make progress.  So if you are looking for some legal or fiscal support on the Costa Del Sol then contact us at My Legal Associates Marbella.  We can help you with your Registration of your Short Term Rental properties (it is now compulsory to register under the new laws recently brought about)

We are at present are offering the service of submitting and registering owners/landlords with the Junta de AndalucíaConsejeria de Turismo y Deporte in Malaga regarding their short term rental properties.

We know that for some people it can be overwhelming dealing with the local authorities and so we have decided that as we are both speak Spanish and English and are happy to help you please we would like to invite you to see our site and decide for yourselves whether we can help you.

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

For more information on what services we provide please click here.