Caravan Glamping

HIya, since I have recently bought my own first caravan to live in while in the UK I have been doing some research on how to make the whole experience really a pleasure.

Over the next few days I shall be posting some great products which I think enhance the life of glampers in the campers and caravans and even in the tents.  Until recently I was unaware that you could actually hook up in a tent to electricity – that was something that was completely a new on on me.  So along with some really useful gadgets and fun things to make life fun camping I will also be sharing what I am doing on a regular basis.

Today for instance I went to a carboot market in Pevensey Bay , it is held every sunday near to Pevensey Bay – on the opposite side of the road to Hoseasons caravan park and next door to Cannon Farm – Camping – touring and tents camping site.

The walks across the fields are a delight especially at certain times of the evening when the rabbits come out to play too.  There is also a lovely river at the back of the fields full of lily pond leaves – so fish and frogs are abundant also the odd grass snake has been seen in the vicinity – not by me, but another camper who doing some fishing in the evening in the campsite I am at Castle View in Pevensey, here we have lovely views and great sunsets and loads of space.  People are lovely and friendly and helpful.

So as I have said I shall be sharing with you products which I am looking into for my own home.  Plus I will be sharing with you  what I am making to make my caravan home from home for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Do feel free to look through my other material I write and share.

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