About Me



I am a keen affiliate marketer and enjoy sharing my business interests.

My passion is knitting and sewing and helping others to develop their skills and build great friendships and hopefully over time we can build a wonderful networks of sharing our skills and knowledge.

Tea cosy, table mats, egg cosy to match, made them as a gift
customised fingerless gloves for a Raynaud’s syndrome sufferer
new bed cover
Crochet bedcover, it took me a few weeks to create, love it.  lovely and cosy in the winter months on the Costa Del Sol.


I was born in Birmingham, UK

Now living in Spain.

I speak English, Spanish and some French and Portuguese (Brazilian).

I have four dogs living with me, Fenda, Dylan, Scraggy and Banjo.

Three of them a Jack Russells and one is a Bodeguero, that being Dylan.

We live in a lovely place called Estepona.

On my working day side, I am a Business Development Manager seeking out vacancies and companies that are looking for candidates for the vacancies.  I enjoy this role however it is very time consuming and it takes time to build up a good client base.

I love to network and enjoy social media networking as well as face to face.

I also enjoy knitting, sewing and cooking.

On my facebook page you will find some of the creations I have made recently over the past few years.

On my Linked In Profile you will find all my work history and qualifications.





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