Dreams are made of this.

Desiring a different lifestyle, I have been seriously looking at alternative way of properties.  This great little property I thought is worth sharing with you.  Tiny Houses are a passion of mine and this I thought is delightful  Check this great property and let me know what you think of it too.

Having and ideal lifestyle change thinking more of the impact on society of way we live and treat our environment and how to utilise the very gifts that this great planet offers us.

Sometimes we need to just step back and look at what we are doing.  Last night I was watching a Spanish programme of some Spanish explores in the Amazon and they came to a village which ingeniously had asked Google for help to bring about an amazing transformation to their lives.  I was intrigued to see that Google had helped this little village in the middle of the jungle with Solar Panels and Satellite so that this village was in the definitely living without any sense of what was going on around them.  They had electricity from Solar Panels and Internet and are able to communicate worldwide which if the head man had not had the foresight to ask the question “what can Google do for their village”  they still would be without electricity and no communications.  I thought it was amazing as I watched and I am offering here an opportunity to you to learn about how you can make changes in your own lives – going a bit greener could be the answer – living more simply is definitely an option, so here I share with you two exciting options for you to consider.

Greener living

Tiny houses.





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