Solidworks & Prototype production Expert, Product Design engineer, FEA Sydney, Australia

Solidworks and AutoCAD certified professional, senior mechanical engineer enthusiastic in helping people engineering. With 16-years-mechanical engineering  Mr Morte F has a wide range of design engineering experience covering Product Design Development, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), mechanical design for automation and machines, mechanical engineering projects, prototype production and manufacturing. This has given him the ability to quickly examine and critically assess your design. He advise people from conception through to construction.

Solidworks and AutoCAD have provided Mr Morte F  a smooth path to create hundreds of drawings for construction companies, engineering firms, and the US Army as well. As mechanical engineer he has designed a multitude of engineering products including: -Solidworks and AutoCAD  has given Mr Morte F the opportunity to 3D model a miniaturized injector functioning without a pump. The small proportions were the challenge which he overcame by making accurate finite element analysis (FEA).

  • 3D design of a hydraulic governor for the single-cylinder motor by finite element analysis Solidworks and AutoCAD.
  • Development of high torque gearbox, using finite element analysis Solidworks and mechanical design experience.
  • Product design of an automated heavy truck load winches, patent drawing, and simulation.
  • Automation of conveyor by designing pneumatic sort station.
  • Prototype production, 3D modeling, and manufacturing, full automation bakery machine from dough to bread out of the furnace.
  • Modifications in Leyland engines through prototype production. The engine was about to be adapted to Gulf States climate.
  • 3D modeling and designing an RC motorcycle. The chassis design was the real challenge to allow it drive 120mph. Finite Element analysis and simulation made the idea come to true.
  • Production designing and developing a 10-ton electric/hydraulic crane for the US Army’s engineer units.
  • Prototype production of an electric forklift in a warehouse.
  • Manual overhead winch by finite element analysis Solidworks.
  • By mechanical modifications in condenser and compressor of CARRIER chillers, Mr Morte F  designed a prototype product, matching the air handling unit with the Gulf States climate and ignited a prototype production.
  • By mechanical modifications in evaporator and condenser, he designed a prototype of split units for walk-in refrigerators, starting a product design development. Few of many of achievements are shown in his portfolio, not mentioning his structural and HVAC skills.

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