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Do you remember your first play you ever had a role in.  I do – I played a wife of guy who had a dentist appointment who was sitting in the dentist chair waiting to have dental treatment.  However, every now and again the dentist would come out looking for things like drills and hammers which were supposed to be used – but not on the mouth.  However, my lines were few and I can only just remember the ones I could remember on the stage at the time “oh dear, what is happening to my husband – what are they doing to him- as I said I could not remember my lines – the prompter kept prodding me, I just could not remember them.  Although at home I was doing well with them.  Terrified I was on stage and got stage fright.  I did go on to play in the Sinner man – based on Pilgrims Progress in Brazil as slough on the ground moving around like a worm dressed in hessian and brown material strips sewn on to represent the mud and slim.

Do you remember your first play?  Can you remember how you felt for the first time facing an audience or even family members when were called upon to sing a carol or favourite song of yours because your mother thought it would be nice for her guests as she thought you sang sweetly and that it would be good for you.  I remember that very well and was terrified – closed my eyes and just sang.  I am dreaming of white Christmas and Silent Night.  I do enjoy singing although don’t  do much of it at the moment.  I even enjoy reading- I love watching plays, films and dramas.

I also like Scifi, and enjoy films like Dune – I also read the books which were very entertaining.

The point I guess I am trying to make here is that people who watch in films and theatre started out in the same way as most of us, however they pursued their dream overcame their shyness – awkwardness in front of an audience to give us a great deal of entertainment and for that we are glad of their skills.

Their ability to learn and memorise line after line and be in character for whatever role they partake takes patience and endurance.  We do not always fully appreciate their skills and talent.  We see the end result but there has been many hours of anxious moments of waking early, going to rehearsal, reading lines, going for auditions in the hope of a slot in play or movie, or even a tv drama.

Can you imagine that waking up early in the morning to go be someone else for the benefit of others, to bring to life something that someone else has taken the time to write, whether it be a book of an adventure story, or a real life story, or even a fantasy.  People who are able to put words onto paper that make people believe a story and make it a joy to watch are very talented too.

Then there are the script writers who interpret the story for screen or to be played on the stages, which takes some undertaking.

The people who are involved with the lighting and stages, decorations and furnishings again it takes time and talent to put them all together.

What about the costume makers who design dresses and outfits to fit a particular drama, film!  Again these people all have skills and talents which others do not have and we sometimes forget that these are all in the background of the final result we see on the stage and films.

The end result has had to be brought about by people considering the worth of showing such a piece of art.  For just like a painting, without the imagination or the backing of people who believe in their project it would not even be brought to life.

People who just like you and me who have chosen to be Entertainers either on Stage or Film or both in a lot of cases they also need to be paid their due for the time and energy they put into the project

Can you imagine yourself getting up and going to work every morning and then not get paid for doing something you loved.  Funnily enough people think that entertainers possibly do not need to be paid for their time and energy giving us pleasure and fun and sometimes disturbing stories brought to life by their hands.

Think of Films like Ben Hur and Charleston Heston, Spartacus – Kirk Douglas, to name a couple, were would those films be if someone had not had the foresight to invest and spread the word of the films.

Do you think that someone would have heard of any of the actors and actresses today if people had not written stories for them to be put into films and if the actors and actresses had decided that they would like to play the parts  we would have such a diverse movie industry that we have to day.

With Sci-fi, Horror, Romance, Action, War, Fantasy such as Avatar which is an amazing film with so much of the film was a combination of CGI.

Where would all the films we see today without people putting their hands in their pockets because they thought that the idea of sharing stories with others is possible.

Would you like to learn more on how you could also be part of the Entertainment Business whether by sharing your talent or your wealth so that other may also have the pleasure of watching some thing spectacularly made.

For more information on how you can become involved.  Contact Mr Mohammed Ali, https://uk.linkedin.com/in/mohammed-ali-92973739

I believe he could offer you are really interesting investment opportunity if you are interested in the movies; depending on your own particular genre there is much to choose from.  Exciting times ahead and I consider it to be a sound investment.

Evolutionary Films is currently offering shares under the UK Government backed Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and has HMRC advance assurance that it qualifies

The Evolutionary Films EIS is not tied to just one film. Instead, it is envisaged that a portfolio of films will be produced and/or sold over the course of three years thereby giving investors exposure to a selection of films at a variety of stages of development, production and completion.
We have a guaranteed route to market. Most independent films have no distribution in place, and often rely on sales agents (who are not accountable back to the original investors) to sell the rights territory by territory around the world. We are our own international sales agent and we have a JV arrangement in place with an established UK distributor to ensure that if no companies offer a sensible advance against our titles, we can guarantee our own route to market.

By putting in place the infrastructure to sell our own films internationally, we have also put in place the opportunity to sell third party titles as international sales agent on a commission basis. This means that we can licence quality, commercial films to sell at market with virtually no overheads and all of the commission we receive on sales is channelled back into Evolutionary Films as income.

When you connect with Mr Mohammed Ali, please do me the favour of telling him where you heard about this – I am Sue Caroline Benson and I help promote Evolutionary Films.



Dreams are made of this.

Desiring a different lifestyle, I have been seriously looking at alternative way of properties.  This great little property I thought is worth sharing with you.  Tiny Houses are a passion of mine and this I thought is delightful  Check this great property and let me know what you think of it too.

Having and ideal lifestyle change thinking more of the impact on society of way we live and treat our environment and how to utilise the very gifts that this great planet offers us.

Sometimes we need to just step back and look at what we are doing.  Last night I was watching a Spanish programme of some Spanish explores in the Amazon and they came to a village which ingeniously had asked Google for help to bring about an amazing transformation to their lives.  I was intrigued to see that Google had helped this little village in the middle of the jungle with Solar Panels and Satellite so that this village was in the definitely living without any sense of what was going on around them.  They had electricity from Solar Panels and Internet and are able to communicate worldwide which if the head man had not had the foresight to ask the question “what can Google do for their village”  they still would be without electricity and no communications.  I thought it was amazing as I watched and I am offering here an opportunity to you to learn about how you can make changes in your own lives – going a bit greener could be the answer – living more simply is definitely an option, so here I share with you two exciting options for you to consider.

Greener living

Tiny houses.




Working Remotely

It is a real challenge to find people who will take you serious when you work from home.

However over the past couple of years I have seen a greater need for people to have this option open to them.

For my part, I act as a introduction broker of bringing people together who have skills and talents with people who need these.  Finding new projects and finding the solutions for those of us who work remotely.

It is not always our own choice but a necessity – perhaps because there is a need to care for some one who is unable to be left alone, so the partner, parent needs to be on hand for emergencies etc.  So opting to work from home is the only solution.

Finding new projects is a great challenge, slowly it is coming together.

At present I am working for three engineers who are looking for new opportunities to work with their skills and knowledge that they have built up over the years.

The first is  Norman Medi, – PCB Design Engineer and 3D modeller, He is based in the London UK.  Has loads of experience working in the field. Has now opted to look to work remotely for a wider audience.  Please connect with him as I think he could be a valuable resource for your company.

The second person I would like to introduce to you is Morte F. Senior MEP engineer- Professional HVAC, – Mechanical or Industrial Engineering specialists. , he is actually based in Australia and is also working as a consultant from his home in Sydney. His designs are really excellent.  Please connect with him as I also think that he could be an asset to you and your company.

The third person I would like to introduce is Golan D. Mechanical engineer and designer, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering are his specialities., again I believe he would be an asset to your company.

I would like to thank you once again for taking the time to read this message and be grateful if you would connect with them, perhaps you know of a project that they could be of value to.





Mechanical engineer and designer London, Greater London, United Kingdom Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Freelancer – mechanical engineer

SolidWorks/AutoCAD/3D Design Expert, Mechanical Design Engineer

Solidworks has changed his career to a great extent in the 3D Design world. As a mechanical design engineer/ CAD designer specialized in injection molding, Solidworks & AutoCAD provided him with the opportunity to help many clients to bring their initial concept to a working prototype. M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering along with 10 years’ experience in manufacturing processes has made him skilled in injection molding plastic parts/products, Aluminum Die-Cast products, rotational molding, thermoforming/vacuum forming, blow molding composites, extrusions, Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing and 3D modeling of complex parts and assemblies using Solidworks and AutoCAD.

He also has personal experience working in machine workshops using lathes, milling machines, TIG welding and MIG welding. That period of time gave me experience in industrial design and analysis skills. As for analysis, He can perform stress, thermal and modal analysis using SolidWorks Simulation.

He has worked as a freelance engineer for the past two years and he is  willing to solve complex tasks. His portfolio speaks for itself as part of his designs he has made. His strength – I love people engineering. His motto – love to learn something new. He has learned through his years of work to not fear any challenge. Fear is nothing but an obstacle standing in the way of progress…

Solidworks & Prototype production Expert, Product Design engineer, FEA Sydney, Australia

Solidworks and AutoCAD certified professional, senior mechanical engineer enthusiastic in helping people engineering. With 16-years-mechanical engineering  Mr Morte F has a wide range of design engineering experience covering Product Design Development, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), mechanical design for automation and machines, mechanical engineering projects, prototype production and manufacturing. This has given him the ability to quickly examine and critically assess your design. He advise people from conception through to construction.

Solidworks and AutoCAD have provided Mr Morte F  a smooth path to create hundreds of drawings for construction companies, engineering firms, and the US Army as well. As mechanical engineer he has designed a multitude of engineering products including: -Solidworks and AutoCAD  has given Mr Morte F the opportunity to 3D model a miniaturized injector functioning without a pump. The small proportions were the challenge which he overcame by making accurate finite element analysis (FEA).

  • 3D design of a hydraulic governor for the single-cylinder motor by finite element analysis Solidworks and AutoCAD.
  • Development of high torque gearbox, using finite element analysis Solidworks and mechanical design experience.
  • Product design of an automated heavy truck load winches, patent drawing, and simulation.
  • Automation of conveyor by designing pneumatic sort station.
  • Prototype production, 3D modeling, and manufacturing, full automation bakery machine from dough to bread out of the furnace.
  • Modifications in Leyland engines through prototype production. The engine was about to be adapted to Gulf States climate.
  • 3D modeling and designing an RC motorcycle. The chassis design was the real challenge to allow it drive 120mph. Finite Element analysis and simulation made the idea come to true.
  • Production designing and developing a 10-ton electric/hydraulic crane for the US Army’s engineer units.
  • Prototype production of an electric forklift in a warehouse.
  • Manual overhead winch by finite element analysis Solidworks.
  • By mechanical modifications in condenser and compressor of CARRIER chillers, Mr Morte F  designed a prototype product, matching the air handling unit with the Gulf States climate and ignited a prototype production.
  • By mechanical modifications in evaporator and condenser, he designed a prototype of split units for walk-in refrigerators, starting a product design development. Few of many of achievements are shown in his portfolio, not mentioning his structural and HVAC skills.

For further information and contact details please see Mr Morte F profile



If you would like to learn more about how to get involved in investing in this growing British Film Company.

With great new projects already in production and big names involved in the making of the films.  I think you will find that this is an excellent opportunity to grow in the Film Business.

To discuss more about the investment opportunities please contact Mr Mohammed Ali, Executive Producer to Evolutionary Films.

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