What inspires me to do marketing.



Well let me tell you that the Bible is what inspires me to do marketing.

When I read about when Moses called all the craftsmen together to build the tabernacle, there were many different skills that people were called on to use.  There were weavers, gold fashioners, carpenters and people who could sew the materials together to create the enormous Tent of Meeting which was used to bring the people together to praise and worship the God creator who gave all these skills to the people in the first place.

Then I was looking at the virtuous woman of the bible where she made her family their clothing and then made some other belts and other products to be sold in the market place.  She also had land where she grew her vineyard – for the family and also probably she also sold the wine too.

Then there is King Solomon’s Temple, all the artisans of gold and silver and bronze, weavers of cloth, craftsmen such as stonemasons, carpenters and woodsmen, were involved in the building of this amazing Temple for God.

Over the years I have been amazed at how much talent God gave to human beings to develop their surroundings whether it be in buildings, fashion, carpentry and then the people of vision to market the products.  People standing in the market place with their stalls full of the goods that either they or someone they knew had created and were wanting to share the delights with others.

This is what inspires me to promote and encourage others to use their skills and talents.  We all have them.  Latent possibly but we still do all have the ability to be creative.

Are you good with people, enjoy meeting up and sharing what you have made for your family whether it be some fancy dish you had prepared or some beautiful piece of needlework that you are so pleased has come together how you envisioned it.  Perhaps you decided that you would like to learn a new skill and were stunned at how quickly you learned how to make the skills come to life within you.

Being creative in whatever fashion is inspired by the Most Holy God, the Creator God himself.

He gave us the skills to use for the whole of the communities to enjoy.

So whether you are a writer, painter, carpenter, jewellery maker, dress designer, car manufacturer, whatever your dream is that you had to develop is started with an idea born in the mind and brought to fruition by your own hands.  To me these are gifts that have been given to us.

For me, well I really do enjoy writing my blogs and also my needlework.

I hope that by my sharing what inspires me to be what I am and who I am may also inspire you to look inside yourself and find what you are good at and go for it.

Are you an aspiring actor who wants to show the world in film or stage some story which has been written then your skills are important too.  We can look back through history there have always been people who have performed in front of others for entertainment.  History is dotted with plays and tableaux written and played.  William Shakespeare one of the brilliant writers of his own day is still having his plays played worldwide even today.

So what inspires you to do what you do?  


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