Make disciples of all men

My understanding of marketing is simple; it is based on life itself.  God himself is the author of the model of building families which in turn builds towns, cities, kingdoms, same principle applies in business. First He created all things, then He created man to enjoy what He had created.

You have a vision or a product you have made, or designed or seen created which you believe to be a good product and you want to share it with people so that they too will like what you have made, done or built, whether it be a car, boat, plane, dress or perfumes, or even marketing of currency, the principle applies is this.

You take you product to your friends and families who either like it or not that’s ok, you know that what you have made, designed or developed is good so you take it to outside your circle of friends to people who have a similar outlook on what you are trying to do.

We all have to start somewhere.  There has to be one that starts the ball rolling.  God made Adam then Eve, then came the rest of humanity.  So is the same in the business.  Whether it be a shop which sells goods which have been made by others who have shown their work to others and seen that what they have made is good and they choose to use that product to share with others.  Whether it be Bonmarche, Tescos, Morrisons or B&Q the primary principle applies.

I am a knitter and I enjoy what I do.  However if I want people to buy what  have made I need to show it someone who also likes what I have made and then they tell someone of my skills and work and then as they share the information about what  I have made it develops into a network of interested people who may want to buy what I have made, this is now in the marketing of my product which I sit and knit at home by myself, yet if  I did not share what I do with others I would have a houseful of items I have created and no one would know I had done them – that is a waste of time.  So you need to find people who like what you do whatever the product.

Showing your product to people like your family first,  because they are the first people to see what you have made and if they like it they will say so, or not. Either way you now have the move forward to share it with others.  You are wearing your items or showing what you have done with your friends who like it and want one for themselves.  It may not be exactly the same as yours but it is now going to start to grow from there.

People say that they do not like Pyramid Marketing, yet all of life and businesses are built on the same model.

Firstly you have the dream, idea, concept and vision, the development of the dream, vision, concept, and then the marketing of the product.  Sharing your dream, concept and product is essential – Facebook started as one man’s dream of sharing information and connecting people together – look at it today.

All business start as a family working together to get people interested in what they are doing, all networks are the same too, and it started with someone considering that they would like others to get connected who are interested in building friendships and sharing their business ideas, products. Networks like Costa Women, BNI, FULL GOSPEL MEN’S groups are all about sharing knowledge of each other’s talents, skills and ideas.

Even musicians have to develop a group together or singers need to be heard to get noticed and then get out there on stage in-front of lots of people who like their music.  People will come to their show because they like what they have heard; they buy their records because they like what they have heard.  But first and foremost the person whose talents for making music would have to been heard and someone would have had to have shared the knowledge of that persons talents and then people with the talent for making music together would have formed a band and so it goes on.  Everything starts with a concept or dream of someone who want to impart their talent and skills with others.

I think when we consider the way that life and businesses work you can see they start the same way.  It takes two to start with then develops from there.  Everything and every business have the same starting block.

You need something to share.

Whether you are a baker who makes cakes and you take them out to be tasted by people who you know then you get known for being a great cake maker it develops from there but the first steps need to be taken first – you need to have something you like to share with others.  Not everyone will like what you have made but in the first place you have shown it to them.

Now the concept of getting others to see your product gets into the realms of how many people it takes to make something get noticed.  Well in the first place you can look at the model of Jesus and his disciples, he hand-picked 12 people to share with others his vision of reuniting humanity back to God.  He told them to go out and make disciples of all peoples.  That is to share the Good news of how much God loves humanity that He gave his only begotten son as someone to show us the way back to God and prosperity comes from God – all good gifts come from God, the talents to be creative and develop ideas and concepts first come from a spark of inspiration.

God’s model of growing a business starts with the family.  Remember Noah, 8 people in a boat and were sent out to “go forth and multiply”.  This is the same concept that businesses use.  Going out to multiply the growth of your dream and vision, whatever it is you have a vision about.

Mine is developing a great network worldwide of people I can share my knowledge with.

In turn I enjoy sharing the businesses which I am interested in.

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