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Evolutionary Films Present this up and coming new film in production at this time.  

Royd Tolkien, great-grandson of J.R.R Tolkien, lost his brother Mike to ALS (Motor Neuron Disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 2015. But Mike, who was the more adventurous and sporty of the two brothers, left behind a bucket list of 50 things he wants Royd to complete in his absence.  Now Royd will embark on the ultimate adventure of adrenalin and emotion to fulfill his brother’s ambitions, raise awareness of ALS, entertain the viewer but most of all teach us to live for the moment, seize the day and not wait until it is too late to reach for our dreams.

Contact Mohammed Ali for further information


Investing In British Films

Have you ever considered how to put your money into the entertainment business. Let me show you how.  Evolutionary Films is dedicated to bringing about top quality and great entertainment and documentaries.  Become involved in making the most of your hard earned cash to become part of the growing industry in British Film Industry.  Check how you too could also benefit from becoming part of it.


There is a lot to choose from to becoming involved.  Meeting the people and even perhaps one of your family members may even enjoy the opportunity to becoming an extra in some new project.

Investing in Evolutionary Films is a safe and extremely positive move for the coming year.

If you would like to make connection with Mohammed Ali the Executive Producer of Evolutionary Films check his profile on Linked IN.



Switching to marketing one Product

Recently I have been doing a review of my affiliate marketing progress and the financial rewards I have had over the years.

As a new and exciting challenge has come my way I am going to be focusing on that.

I have and shall leave the banners in place for other products but most of my time will be focusing on Evolutionary Films, as I believe it is an excellent opportunity both for investing in British Film industry but also because the people behind the company are open and upfront about what they are doing.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Mohammed Ali  Executive Producer of Evolutionary Films.



Discovering Evolutionary Films

When you are sitting watching a film or documentary on Tv or on the Big Screen, have you ever considered how these beautiful pieces of art are put together.

What the people saw as their vision to put a documentary on about wildlife for example, the hours of research and sitting and patiently waiting for just the right shot for the camera.  Would you like to get involved with something amazing which is both fun and educational.

Evolutionary Films is a British Film Company who are developing projects on real life events and people who did everyday things but at the time were extraordinary – women involved in helping the UK in WW2 – not just the land girls on the farms or the girls in the factories making the ammunition and parts for the war effort.  The other unsung heroines of the day who were involved in the Lumberjacks getting wood ready for buildings, bridges, and other amazing women involved in maintaining the country at a time of great need.  wow to me that is amazing.   Today’s hero’s and heroines, who are fighting on the frontline diverse places, and those in the background preparing the way for new opportunities.

Next time you watch a documentary or a film, think of how many people are actually involved in the production of something like that.  We just see the people on the screen, however there are many people who are working hard to make the productions come into effect.

Most of the time the people involved are putting their own hard earned money into the projects they believe in.  We see the end result.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved in the Evolutionary Film Company either as an investor or as someone with a story to tell then check out how you can get involved then contact Evolutionary films, at:

Their portfolio of films is really interesting click here 

Oceanus looks like a really interesting film.

Do you like the beatles you will love this. Get Back



Investing in British Film Industry

We in the UK have a special love for British Films.  I have always enjoyed watching both American and English Films,

Here is a company that is looking for both Investors and also Extras for their Film Projects.

Interested to learn more.  Then check out our British Film Industry Opportunity.

They have a wide range of new projects that are in the pipeline and also which are already being prepared for distribution.  Fancy becoming part of a Fresh and Innovative British Film Company.  



New Projects

HI Good day to everyone,

I am on the hunt for new projects, in Renewable energy, Film, Hospitality, within the UK.  I have several people looking for new projects that they want to get their teeth into.

Interested to see how I can help you find the people you are looking for, then connect with me on LinkedIN.


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