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Today I was asked by Preloved to promote their products, which is extensive.  As with all things there is a time when we have find new homes for our stuff that we do not want to use, or have decided to revamp our homes.  Why not use the to help you find new homes for your things.  Also you may be surprised to find something you are looking for too.

While looking into the various sites I work with I noticed that several have sales on at the moment.  Bonmarche has new stock coming in all the time, for the new season.

Gtech seem to have go ebike so that has been interesting for me as I enjoy a good cycle but find going up some hills stressful so having an ebike does take the strain out of everything.

Also the Underfloor Heating Company have got a Mega sale on so if anyone is interested in putting underfloor heating in their homes now is the time to get down there and check them out.

The House Shop have some great ideas on how to make your money grow and how to make the most of your house prior to sale.

All in all to day has been rather different to how I expected it to be.  Got a friend coming later to see her new scarf and her to see the selection of hats I have made for her to choose from.  for a hat to be knitted by me for her.  I am really excited life seems to be taking a different turn after  all.





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