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Your pet what it is worth to you.  We are Pet Protector Andalucia can offer you a disc that will prevent your animal having to suffer the indignities of having to have chemicals forced on them each month which are costly and long term effects are not clearly know.

To pay for advantix each month per dog is approx 35€, which over a year is 420€ over 4 years it is 1,680.

On the other hand Pet Protector can reduce the cost by a substantial amount.

At 50€ every four years – breaking that down to 12.50 per year – which in turn is broken down to a monthly figure of 1.04 per month.

Want to learn more on how to obtain these great discs which offer a protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other creepy crawlies that invade our pets fur.  Whether it be a cat, dog, horse, or other livestock.

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