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In today’s way of traveling and moving around the planet that we do, it is great to have good guides to help you find safe places to stay. I have been looking at some excellent guides from Lonely Planet which is mainly for the USA and Canada,

When selecting a way to travel and what you want to do and see I have always enjoyed travelling by boat – I crossed the channel on a ferry from Portsmouth to Santander and then drove all the way down to Estepona.

I would recommend nice relaxing cruise as a way of unwinding and getting aways from it all.

Now that is a cruise to remember.  My mother wanted to do this cruise herself, unfortunately on the date her holiday was to start we were having her funeral.  So the moral of this is go out and do it if your dream is to travel then do it.  The world is an incredible place and meeting so many different people and languages is fantastic.

If you are looking for a place to stay and learn about the culture and are willing to help out the owners of their properties, especially their animals and plants then this could be ideal for you.



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