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I love all my dogs, Fenda, Dylan and our permanent guest Banjo.  We all have fun but sometimes we need to learn to share in the home, and sometimes the furry friends think that is more for them than it is for me.  However I do find solutions to my issues with my dogs.  I hope you too will discover what you can do to make you pet feel more at home, part of the family.

moms file 077  BANJO 1 Banjo – permanent house guest

P1020583 Dylan the Bodeguero.- most favoured of street dogs, has got a really great life now, no longer struggling from day to day with others out on the road.  Good friends, good food and a great place to sleep in.


P1020321 Fenda, the matriarch of the doggy world in my house.  she keeps everyone in order, makes sure that they all follow the plan at bed time, out in the garden and up to bed.  Also she is the one that reminds me when it is treat time in the evening around 9.30 at night.




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