Jackies womens best friend


I own a great little Jackie called Fenda


We have had great few years together getting to know one another.  She has a character that makes me laugh and smile all the time.  We got together in 2011 before I moved to Spain.  With her I have been able to build a new life for us out here in Estepona Spain.

As a keen believer in helping people find solutions to their pets behaviour and the pleasure of sharing what I find on the internet to help others I have chosen a selection of books which may help you to understand your best friend more.  I read a book by James McKay many years ago which helped me tremendously to help build up our bond and relationship together.

  This book gave me all the help I needed in the early years of having my beautiful Jacky – she is feisty and friendly and extremely loving.  If you have one and want to learn more about their heritage and history then it is worth while investing in this book.





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