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Hi everyone, this is me doing some research on my own blog for a change.

I love to share with people what I am doing.  Over the weekend I went to see Danny Vaughn, great voice.

My daily routine – comprises of me taking the dogs out for their morning walk before it gets toooo hot for their little paws on the tarmac and sand.  We live in Estepona, in Southern Spain.  Great place to be.

Here is the real treat for clock watchers in Estepona 

The temperatures here in Estepona can be very hot and a lovely nice temperature during th winter months  Now when I say winter months – we are talking in the range of 18 degrees during the day, but we do get some heavy rains too.  In the summer we get the really hot winds from the Sahara in Africa – it blows really hot, windows closed fans or air con on.

Dog do not like it because they cannot go outside.  They do not like the howling noise it can make.

Estepona has a really lovely feel to it.  I am really pleased to say I have chosen it to be my home town.


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