Cloned Facebook Page

Today, I found out that my facebook page had been compromised by someone who was contacting people who I know suggesting that they had won a substantial sum of money – using my photo and my cover photo of my dog.

It caused a lot of distress to know that someone who was out there to cause mischief and subsequent potential loss of friends whom I have gained over the years.

Some people just do not really care about others and the suffering they cause to others.  Selfishly wanting to injure reputations and potential friendships.

I have tried to contact Facebook about this action that has happened and the poor person who informed me that they had received a message from me suffered more than I.  She had responded to the request for friendship when we were already friends, connected via groups which are important to both of us.

Just a warning to others.  Do watch it check your friends and make sure that when you are connecting to make sure that the people who are asking to connect are genuine and not someone wanting to rip you off or use your account to dupe others.


I wonder if you have ever experienced anything like it.  Do contact me and let me know how you handled it.



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