How do you see yourself?

For many years, i have struggled to learn to love myself – not in the way of self love or ego, but rather to accept myself just as God sees me – with everything ready for molding and changing to become more like the Yeshua – Jesus and less of the egotistical self absorbed human being that I had been.

Learning to share what I enjoy and encourage others is my way of showing how much God has done in my life, I was a shy and frightened young girl – always with a miserable face or ready to cry at any moment for some reason or another, never really feeling like I fitted in anywhere.

Now – I know I do fit in – Gods Kingdom, Gods way of thinking about His precious Human beings.  We are all precious in His sight and we are all loved by Him, so much so that he gave his only begotten son Jesus/Yeshua for us all to show how much he wanted his creation Mankind an opportunity to be reconciled back to Him.  Showing us a way of repentance and freedom and grace and peace.  Without His love in my life I would be nothing.  In fact I would not be here.

I praise God each day I raise from my bed that I have another wonderful day ahead of me.

I praise God for the gifts that he has given to me, the skills and talents he has bestowed upon me, not that I am anything special in the way of the world’s way of thinking but I am special in His sight – because He knows me better than I know myself.  He loves me no matter what my outward appearance may be.

Yet, in honour of his Grace and Peace and His Holy Spirit which is the teacher of all things that are hidden I praise God for the revelation of His love to me in my life.

Join me and let us move into a more loving caring, sharing society, where people can love, share and live in peace with one another.



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