Traveling Light

In today’s way of traveling and moving around the planet that we do, it is great to have good guides to help you find safe places to stay. I have been looking at some excellent guides from Lonely Planet which is mainly for the USA and Canada,

When selecting a way to travel and what you want to do and see I have always enjoyed travelling by boat – I crossed the channel on a ferry from Portsmouth to Santander and then drove all the way down to Estepona.

I would recommend nice relaxing cruise as a way of unwinding and getting aways from it all.

Now that is a cruise to remember.  My mother wanted to do this cruise herself, unfortunately on the date her holiday was to start we were having her funeral.  So the moral of this is go out and do it if your dream is to travel then do it.  The world is an incredible place and meeting so many different people and languages is fantastic.

If you are looking for a place to stay and learn about the culture and are willing to help out the owners of their properties, especially their animals and plants then this could be ideal for you.



Pets Need Help



I love all my dogs, Fenda, Dylan and our permanent guest Banjo.  We all have fun but sometimes we need to learn to share in the home, and sometimes the furry friends think that is more for them than it is for me.  However I do find solutions to my issues with my dogs.  I hope you too will discover what you can do to make you pet feel more at home, part of the family.

moms file 077  BANJO 1 Banjo – permanent house guest

P1020583 Dylan the Bodeguero.- most favoured of street dogs, has got a really great life now, no longer struggling from day to day with others out on the road.  Good friends, good food and a great place to sleep in.


P1020321 Fenda, the matriarch of the doggy world in my house.  she keeps everyone in order, makes sure that they all follow the plan at bed time, out in the garden and up to bed.  Also she is the one that reminds me when it is treat time in the evening around 9.30 at night.



Jackies womens best friend


I own a great little Jackie called Fenda


We have had great few years together getting to know one another.  She has a character that makes me laugh and smile all the time.  We got together in 2011 before I moved to Spain.  With her I have been able to build a new life for us out here in Estepona Spain.

As a keen believer in helping people find solutions to their pets behaviour and the pleasure of sharing what I find on the internet to help others I have chosen a selection of books which may help you to understand your best friend more.  I read a book by James McKay many years ago which helped me tremendously to help build up our bond and relationship together.

  This book gave me all the help I needed in the early years of having my beautiful Jacky – she is feisty and friendly and extremely loving.  If you have one and want to learn more about their heritage and history then it is worth while investing in this book.




Crafting Fun

I believe it is great to help and support creative minds.  We are not all academics.

Some of us are gifted in different ways.

Discovering your own talents and latent creative urges is a beautiful journey of discovery.

Here are some ideas just to get your creative juices going.

My latest activities

Hi everyone, this is me doing some research on my own blog for a change.

I love to share with people what I am doing.  Over the weekend I went to see Danny Vaughn, great voice.

My daily routine – comprises of me taking the dogs out for their morning walk before it gets toooo hot for their little paws on the tarmac and sand.  We live in Estepona, in Southern Spain.  Great place to be.

Here is the real treat for clock watchers in Estepona 

The temperatures here in Estepona can be very hot and a lovely nice temperature during th winter months  Now when I say winter months – we are talking in the range of 18 degrees during the day, but we do get some heavy rains too.  In the summer we get the really hot winds from the Sahara in Africa – it blows really hot, windows closed fans or air con on.

Dog do not like it because they cannot go outside.  They do not like the howling noise it can make.

Estepona has a really lovely feel to it.  I am really pleased to say I have chosen it to be my home town.

Something New

Today I was introduced to something that may help others to achieve their dreams of being successful to help others to build their dreams too.

I am not really big on these in general but as I am keen to help others to achieve their goals in life and in the process my own dreams  can become a reality.  So here it is I would like to share this with you.  This is and interesting proposition, so act now

Last night

I was invited to go see Danny Vaughn with my friend Michaela, we had a chat with Melissa  – Mrs Danny Vaughn, we have known each other a few years now.  I really enjoy watching Danny play, he has a really lovely voice.  We saw him play at the Palm Beach in Estepona – which is where I live.

If ever you want to see him live on the Costa Del Sol keep your eyes open for where he is playing next10492353_10152972738229044_8714967214514947346_n.



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