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Are you a keen gardener or builder of your own garden furniture.  I have been thinking about learning new skill to help me when I move into my new lifestyle.  Downsizing but at the same time enlarging my territory.

Today I was looking for a good system to develop healthy crops of my own vegetable and salads, I have just learnt that there is a new system called Aquaponics   Using both fish tanks and plant growing systems like agroponic which I have heard of before and used in growing some seeds in the past.

I also wanted to learn how to develop my own unique furnishing for the garden, but not having had any experience I decided to look around and see what was on offer.  It is alway easier to get someone else to do it, however, I want the experience of seeing what I have created in my own garden. So I have found this great guy who has developed a load of ideas and plans to try out for myself.

Now I have got that sorted the next thing is to develop my outbuildings which I may want to build and the styles I have seen that are quite costly but these plans at least give you the opportunity to work together with friends and family to come up with a unique place to hang out in the garden.  Shed Plans I think are a must for anyone considering developing new buildings in green belt areas or just want the rustic look on their land instead of stone or prefab buildings.

Now landscaping and designing a garden is very important to get the ambience just right for you and your family, well it is for me.  I don’t want too much sun nor do I want to overcrowded with trees or tall bushes, I need a balance in my garden to be comfortable in the heat of the summers and cool enough to be able enjoy being outside.  I live in the South of Spain and sometimes during the summer months it can be unbearable.  However developing a good environment is important to me and my dogs. (of which I have three)

Each with their own distinctive personalities and needs, the white one loves sunbathing, whilst the other two just stay in doors or find a really cool shady spot to chill.

So building a garden to suit their needs is important to me too.  I love to grow fruit and veg and so would be looking for a an area to cultivate and a place to relax and chill in the pool as well as having the dogs running around playing in their open space and chilling under the trees as they should so choose.

So I have found this great Landscaping programme which is going to a great blessing to me and mine in the new adventure I am about to embark on.


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