Sew You Are Getting Wed

So you made the decision to get married – excellent, sew now is the big question, do you want to have everything made to your personal specification or just accept bought from the shop.

When I first got married in 1993 I made my own wedding trousseaux, except the wedding dress. I really enjoyed making them and being the kind of person I am it did tend to be a bit flowery.  I love small patterns – whether it be flowers or little animals.  However there is so much interesting designs around now which makes making your own wedding really special.

Hobbycraft could give you a real boost to your ideas and talents.  I enjoy sharing with you the top quality range that they carry.  The prices are excellent too.

Lets  us be honest it is not easy to find just what you are looking for in the shops to make your day unique and different to everyone else – making your own centerpieces for the tables.

If you are deciding to have your wedding party at home like I did, then it is great to have a wonderful set of crockery to show off – hopefully someone will buy you a really lovely set from Royal Albert to make your new life together really graceful and colourful.

For all of you who are getting married this year please have a wonderful day and make it a really fantastic day to remember.  Having some wonderful keepsakes which you will treasure all your years.

Have you made a decision on where you want to go for your honeymoon.  Check out the flights for the exotic destinations.




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