Teatime Tableware by Miranda Kerr

Teatime Tableware by Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert

Today I received an email from the Royal Albert team with a great deal of beautiful creations from Miranda Kerr.

I am hoping that you too will like them.

I think that all the pieces would really be a lovely wedding gift and am hoping to purchase some pieces for myself as I need to spruce up my plain white kitchen ware which is fine for every day but for that special occasion when you have guests it is nice to present them with something really pretty and elegant.  I think that these definitely fit the bill.

Take a look at the selection below and let me know what you think.

Discover grace, catwalk glamour and a passion for afternoon tea with our Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert  collection. Created from treasured memories of afternoons spent sipping tea from her grandmother’s own Royal Albert tea set, this collection has a beautifully sentimental appeal.


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