Vertical Gardening

Just recently I have been thinking about doing some modifications to my small garden.  I have three dogs to consider so was looking at investing in some ~Vertical Gardens products.

I have found a few ideas I would like to share with you.

VegTrug™ Raised Bed Planter

This attractive raised bed planter is made from FSC plantation Cedar wood, and is a great way to grow some fruit and vegetables in a compact and easy accessible space. The VegTrug™ Raised Bed Planter has a comfortable working height, suitable for the elderly and wheelchair users. It has a pre formed membrane liner to protect the wood from damp compost and is food safe, with no harmful chemicals used. The raised bed planter can be located on patios and decking, or even city balconies and roof gardens. Growing fruit and vegetables in a raised bed also prevents slug and snail damage. The raised bed planter is sent flat packed for easy assembly.

Product dimensions: Width: 78cm, Depth: 58cm, Height: 80cm


VegTrug™ Poppy 2 Tier Ladder

For transforming a bare patio, balcony or decking space, a VegTrug™ Poppy 2 Tier Ladder Planter offers instant impact. It can be used to grow both vegetables and flowers throughout the year. With two vibrantly coloured planters and a powder coated steel tubular frame, the VegTrug™ Poppy 2 Tier Ladder Planter can be erected in minutes, and can be folded away when not in use, or if you are moving house.

The Poppy 2 Tier Ladder Planter is made of felt. Each liner holds 16 litres of compost and has sown in membranes to hold the soil and water.

Available in the following colours: Black, Lime Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Racing Green



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