I am Dylan, I love my pack, am glad I have a find home and great friends.  Better than being cold and lonely and frightened in the mountains where I was found.  Glad someone was kind enough to take me in.


The little white pup is Banjo, Scraggy’s house mate for a long time before Scraggy gave his life to save us.

Fenda is the one with the lovely ears and she is a great companion to Banjo and Dylan.


Sadly since we lost Scraggy

scraggy shot

we have all been a bit sad an miserable.



As we do not want any more dogs to be hurt by the nasty toads, we would really appreciate it if you would share with others our friends Scraggy’s Petition to help find a cure and perhaps someone elses best friend will not suffer the same terrible fate as our dear friend Scraggy.

Please help us by signing our petition