Going Green and Tiny

Recently I have been watching “Tiny Houses” and been amazed at how compact and comfortable they look, I have taken the opportunity to discover some plans for you to see and maybe you could also consider downsizing.

Going tiny just look at this really lovely cosy property they have created for themselves.

This is a excerpt from their ideal plan.

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” – That’s what tiny house living is all about… Being happy and satisfied with the simple blessings in life. Getting rid of all the ‘fluff’ in your life to allow you to focus on your simple blessings and enjoy them every day.

By requiring less, you require less money. This enables you to spend fewer hours working and more time doing what you love most. Or, as in our case – it enables us to work in jobs we love (Shaye as a bulimia recovery mentor and Tom is currently learning to be a natural builder) – we don’t earn as much as we would if we got work in our trained fields – but that’s okay… We have more than enough, thanks to the way we live – part of which is Tiny 

I know I have so much stuff I do not need or use and it is about time I take a leaf out of their book and get myself sorted.
For more information Click Here!

Going Green and I do not mean with envy.

I was watching their videos and I am must say impressed that so much money can be saved by using solar panels and wind turbines, if you have the ability to do it why not.  We all need to take care of this planet in some way or another.  Using really Free Natural resources why not.  Well in a sense the Sun and the Wind are free, the apparatus to get them to work for us in producing us electricity may not be, but it sure does help keep the cost of living down.

For more information on how to make the most of what we have Click Here!

For a full guides on how to start to  go living green Click Here!



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