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scraggy shot Scraggy gave his life to save the lives of his pals.

He was a fighter and a friend.  Great character to have around the house.

Much loved and much missed.

He loved football, chasing things and an excellent ratter, sadly he fought a poisonous toad and died on Saturday night a horrible death.

I have therefore put a petition together to help raise awareness of serious research needed with regard to anti-venom for poisonous toads world wide.  It is not just a Spanish issue.  These poisonous toads are in the UK.

Scraggy Legacy we hope will be that people will start to take serious action in getting a good health vaccine, anti venom developed.

Scraggy – world wide request for help.

There is anti – venom’s against snakes, scorpions and spiders but none against TOADS.


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